certified financial analyst financial planner institute board American Academy of Financial ManagementCertified Financial Analyst Designation AccreditedAmerican Academy of Financial ManagementCertified Financial Analyst Designation AccreditedAmerican Academy of Financial ManagementCertified Financial Analyst Designation Accredited  certified financial analyst financial planner institute board

Qualified Applicants with accredited education, exams, and experience should apply for the certifications below.

AAFM ® Certifications  are globally recognized. Certifications in Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Risk Management, and Economics.

Here are the certifications that successful graduates of relevant Graduate Courses can apply for.  Submit your Resume now for Review.

1. CWM Chartered Wealth Manager  ® Also known as the: CWM Chartered  Certified Wealth Manager ® Designation - USA and EU Community Trademarks Registered

2. AFA ®  Accredited Financial Analyst ®

3. AMA ® Accredited Management Accountant  ®

4. MFP  ® Master Financial Planner - Charter Designation and Board Certification 

5. CPM ™ Certified Chartered Portfolio Manager

6. CAM ™ Certified Chartered Asset Manager

7. CMA ™ Chartered Market Analyst ™ - Financial Analyst Designate

8. CCA ™ Chartered Compliance Analyst

10. CAMC ™ Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant

11. CAPA ™ Certified Asset Protection Analyst

12. RFS ™ Registered Financial Specialist 

13. MMC ™ Management Consultant Professional and Accredited Management Consultant

14. CTS™ Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist™

15. MPM™ Master Project Manager – Legal Analyst

16. CITA ™ Certified International Tax Analyst

17. RBA™ Registered Business Analyst

18. CTEP ™ Chartered Trust and Estate Planner

19. CCC Certified Cost Controller

20. CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant

21. CCA Certified Credit Analyst

22. CCE Certified Corporate Economist

23. CCO Certified Compliance Officer

24. CMA Certified Marketing Analyst

25. ChMA Chartered Mortgage Analyst

26. CHRA Certified Human Resources Analyst

27. CITA Certified International Tax Analyst

28. CRA Certified Risk Analyst

29. MFC Master Financial Controller

30. RFA Registered Financial Analyst

31. RWM Registered Wealth Manager

32. RWM Registered Wealth Manager

33. CPM Chartered Pension Manager or CPS Certified Pension Specialist - Apply Now ( CPAM ™ Chartered Pension Analyst Manager ™ - Apply Now )

34. CEPS Certified Education Planning Specialist ™ - Apply Now

35.CMFMP Certified Municipal Finance Management Practitioner Apply Now

36. CCMFMA Chartered Certified Municipal Financial Management Accountant Apply Now

37. CCFMA Chartered Certified Public Finance Management Accountant Apply Now

38. Chartered Certified Insurance Professional (CCIP) - Apply Now

39. Chartered Certified International Banker (CCIB) - Apply Now



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Certification Requirements:

  1. Degree Education with a relevant major or minor in finance or management.
  2. Experience: 3 Years of related work.
  3. Accredited Degree from an accredited or governmental recognized program.
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Ethics - agree to the ethics requirements of the Society.

 * All certifications marks are owned and licensed by their respective distributors.  IBS LLC owns the marks for AMA, AFA, AFC, MMC and CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager


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