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Citations and References related to Certification Standards and Governmental Recognitions

  1. AAFM sponsors an accredited law school graduate program: See:  Students who take the graduate master of laws courses can become eligible for AAFM cerification. See law school course and exam requirements 
  2.  AAFM recognizes Accredited Business Schools since 2003. See Press "Some of the worlds best known business schools, including The London Business School, INSEAD, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, EDHEC Business School, Warwick Business School, and University of Toronto are among the more than 596 business schools in over 37 countries accredited by AACSB. Click here for a complete list of accredited institutions: Accredited Institutions  . Taken from 
  3. Since 2004, AAFM has direct legal agreement with US Department of Education recognized ACBSP Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This accredited standards agreement allows for accredited courses and exams to operate as a path to certification. ‎
  4. FINRA Regulatory Body - Investor Education Reference Guide Showing AAFM Certifications and Requirements - FINRA does not sanction anyone such as: CFA, CFP, or AAFM certifications but does monitor and publish their requirements and standards  The FINRA has publised that AAFM standards promote [[ACBSP]] and [[ACBSP]] education which represents business schools such as Wharton, NYU, and Stanford Business schools.
  5. Wall Street Journal publication of certifications standards, requirements, and standards showing certain certifications as FINRA monitored. The Wall Street Journal specifies AAFM standards of using [[ACBSP]] and [[ACBSP]] education which represents business schools such as Yale, Harvard, and other Business schools. 
  6. US Government References to AAFM as a major financial organization along with the SEC, FINRA and SIFMA. 
  7. US Department of Labor listings of AAFM Certifications


*Recent mainstream media explains the AAFM certification process where AAFM promotes accredited business school exams and education.

  1. eFinancialCareers News - AAFM and wealth management accreditation standards explained in media by E-Financial Careers and NYSE Traded Company - July 2012 
  2. AdvisorFYI, National Underwriter News, May 2013 - AAFM accredited exam and education standards explained by National Underwriter Summit Business Media Media. 
  3. NASDAQ News, Oct. 2, 2012 -  article about AAFM and AAFM Accredited Certification Standards 
  4. May 6, 2013 - AAFM Global Recognition from the Arab League's AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences. - Diplomatic Recognition
  5. National Law Journal - May 20, 2013, AAFM programs such as CWM Chartered       Wealth         Manager law school courses and programs featured in this article 


Citations and Information for Accuracy.

  1. Here are signed and dated copies of both the CFP and CFA - Co-Existence agreements authored by the General Counsels of each organization. 
  2. a) CFA Institute's legal agreement with AAFM - Dated and Signed by Supervising Gen. Counsel Sharon Glover on Jan. 5th, 2004. Acknowledged by CFA Counsel/Jeannie Anderson  b) CFP Board's legal Agreement dated and signed with AAFM - Dated and Signed Nov. 26, 2002 by CFP Counsel Jennie McQuade
  3. The AAFM Provides Advisor consent documents  for ALL of the Honorary Professors or Experts who allowed their names to be listed on the AAFM websites as Advisors: such as Mr. Gold and Dr. Harvey.   a) Written consent document from Dr. Harvey - See:   Accepted/Dated. Monday, March 31, 2003 9:34 AM  b) Written consent document from Mr. Gold - See:  Accepted/Dated Monday, November 27, 2006 8:54 AM
  4.  Here is public documentation that CFP and CFA actually recognize AAFM Certifications for specific PDU or CE credits.a) CFP Board Financial Planning Board Canada See: b) CFA Member credits for continuing education from AAFM - See: CFAInstitute Website c: Also, the 2 contracts in number 1 above itemize both CFA and CFPs legal agreements with AAFM.
  5. 4) AAFM has specific legal terms on it's websites showing how we have the largest group of professors and professionals on our advisory council. * AAFM ® Global Board recognizes all members of the professional council as honorary advisors.
  6. The Wall Street Journal  evidences financial organizations and their certification standards including AAFM.  The WSJ states that AAFM is a FINRA monitored organization with government recognized accreditation  and assessment standards such as ACBSP and AACSB.  Sources: and  
  7. AAFM has certification programs offered direct from an Accredited Law School Program - TJSL ABA Accredited Law School's graduate program where the AAFM joint alliance graduate educational "DOE ABA governmental recognized" programs are publicly available   * The TJSL Law School provides a Post-Juris Doctorate LLM Curriculum Online. This is the first post-doctorate LLM Program of its kind online which can also lead to AAFM® certification and continuation may allow for a ABA recognized Law Degree. AAFM® and its accredited program graduate courses in the USA have the highest graduate educational standards in the industry.
  8. The AAFM Legal Counsel Disclosed to the WSJ reporters that the AAFM is in direct contractual agreement with Accreditation Agencies for Business School Programs. 
  9. Thus, AAFM certification can be obtained from completing programs and exams from "Double Accredited Business Schools"  The Wall Street Journal references the double accredited standards in the article.
  10. CFP Asia recognizes AAFM USA Certified Members who also hold the CWM Chartered Wealth Manager Designation - See Exemption
  11.  The Wall Street Journals reference guide evidences and recognizes the AAFM accredited program education as a path to certification. See ACBSP Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.


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